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Handcrafted Floral Design

Each one of our Fiore Di Grazia floral arrangements is handcrafted and made by one of our specialty floral designers, our team of florists accurately provides only the most primeval roses for your fulfillment. Our goal is to provide a satisfaction guaranteed to make a lasting impression for every customer. We pride ourselves in delivering our signature arrangements; to bring you the luxurious esthetics of a quality product that is sure to give you, your friends, acquaintances, partners, and loved ones a heartwarming floral presentation. 


Owner Priscilla, has been involved in the floral industry for a great part of her life. Her Mother who has been a floral designer for almost 15 years introduced the passion of this industry to her. For Priscilla, starting a Luxury Floral Arrangement company was far-fetched up until the concept of Fiore Di Grazia became more than just an idea. Her passion for floral design as a career was discovered after a dear friend of the family had passed away. Using the skills that her mother instilled in her, she put together some amazing floral arrangements for the funeral, which in turn created a positive buzz from family and friends. Fiore Di Grazia owner Priscilla, Heritage crosses from Italian and Latin descent which can be seen in her floral design, she has an eye for Unique and Classy Arrangement styles with just the right touch of simplicity; styles that resonate with making a true lasting impression on those we love. Not too long after the funeral Priscilla began to brainstorm, concepts and ideas began to flow. The Baby Rose Collection was born; a floral arrangement that captivates the warming heart and will instantly make anyone feel special. Today,she has decided to turn a new leaf in commercializing her product line, catering to the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas in efforts to expand gradually each year. As a 2015 New Company - Fiore Di Grazia has decided to sell their products as a trademarked floral arrangement brand as an all ROSE Company, a product of true authenticity and uniqueness but most important a name that speaks for itself. As a growing company Fiore Di Grazia drives to deliver guaranteed satisfaction to their customers and is looking to exceed all expectations including their own competitors. Their goal is to invoke love that resonates with their unique floral arrangement designs, to capture heartwarming feelings in those who are presented with a Fiore Di Grazia Rose Box.

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Fiore Di Grazia in English translation means: Flower Of Grace