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Personal & Special Delivery

Fiore Di Grazia believes in customer privacy and discretion, we offer a personalized delivery service where our customers get the VIP treatment by full disclosure upon delivery. Our customers can have their arrangements specifically delivered to any location with fully detailed instructions provided ( Tri-County Areas Only ) at no extra cost to you. Fiore Di Grazia will hand deliver your Arrangements anywhere in the following Tri-County areas; Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County.

Fiore Di Grazia is currently working on nationwide shipping strategies. So be on the lookout for more information by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

Special Orders & Event Inquiries  

We cater to special events such as weddings, funerals, businesses, galas, show-casings, pageants, as well as party planning and many other events. We also specialize in VIP Hotel Services, as well as Luxury Real-Estate Staging Services. Please Contact us with your questions and details about your event(s) and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Quality Roses

Fiore Di Grazia is an ALL ROSES ONLY company that works directly with the floral district to provide the most pristine Colombian and Ecuadorean roses that can last up to three weeks with proper care. These roses typically use more water for hydration over other types of flowers, so it is key that you take proper care of the arrangement for longevity purposes. We believe in keeping the integrity of a natural and fresh flower business. We pride ourselves in maintaining the organic traditions of delivering fresh roses directly to our customers. Fiore Di Grazia only uses flower food for hydration purposes, and does not believe in altering our roses with any chemicals, hormones or preservation treatments of any kind. Flowers were meant to be fresh and that's what we stand by; however if you choose to let the roses dry out, they will dry in a unique form and can be kept as an art piece. If you choose to throw away the roses, the box can be kept as a keepsake or decorative piece.

Floral Care

From the moment you receive one of our Fiore Di Grazia box of roses in hand, it will come with enough water and food to last one week 5-7 days. Note: the box itself acts like a vase and is fit to function for the entire life expectancy of the roses, however you can maintain the arrangement longevity to last two to three more weeks if you take proper care of the arrangement. 

Instructions: Carefully remove the roses; placing them aside on a paper towel, once all of the roses are removed exposing the green floral foam inside the box. Pour 8 to 12 ounces (depending on box size) of fresh tap water directly on to green floral foam slowly. Before re-inserting the roses back inside the green floral foam, cut the very end of the stem tips at a 45 degree angle and proceed by inserting each rose into the green floral foam. Once all of the roses are back inside the box, place the floral arrangement near a window but not directly in sunlight. 

Handle With Care

When holding one of our floral arrangements. Do not use the ribbon; the ribbon is only used as a decorative touch for the box's design. Holding the arrangement by the ribbon will cause it to tip over by the unevenness of the box and flower placement. 


Repeat floral care procedures once a week for best results.

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